The 11th Whatcom Harvest Dinner is set for Sunday - September 29, 2013 4pm

After last years success, the Whatcom Harvest Dinner will be held at BelleWood Acres Farm Market & Bistro again! The dinner supports learning about our food, where and how it was grown, while enjoying how it was prepared through a community meal. Most all of the ingredients featured are procured from school and community gardens, grown just for the occasion.

The Whatcom Harvest Dinner is a family-friendly event that raises awareness about local food-based education opportunities, supports and celebrates local farmers and fishers and the bounty our region has to offer, and our ability to experience and access healthy, local food for our children and community.

Volunteers are needed to help make this event a success! Interested in eating the same great food as ticket holders, while meeting new community members and helping run the show? Click below to view and sign up for a shift!

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BelleWood Acres Farm Market & Bistro is Whatcom County’s signature apple orchard and craft distillery. Their new facility is located just 6 miles north of Bellingham on the Guide Meridian. They grow 20 varieties of U-pick apples and pears, plus pumpkins, gourds, squash, corn, sunflowers and more. We will have the opportunity to tour the farm and distillery, take a bin ride through the orchard, or enjoy a quiet walk along the Tenmile creek. Learn more about the farm through their Facebook page or at

The dinner is organized by the Fourth Corner Slow Food Chapter, along with the four local groups that will benefit from the proceeds: Explorations Academy, Sustainable Connections, Common Threads Farm, and Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association.

This years dinner will be accompanied by the band Skitniks. They call themselves a Balkan band, but really they just play whatever music interests them! The band consists of: clarinet, alto sax, bari sax, percussion, trumpet, concertina, mandolin and accordion. Sometimes they play other instruments, like bass clarinet, oboe, and saw. They are a hoot and we are so excited to have them!


This year's Chef Coordinator - Ilana Knudsen

Welcome Ilana, tell us a little bit about yourself~

I have been working in the restaurant industry since I was in high school. Since I moved to Bellingham for school I have been discovering more and more of what this area has to offer and I am delighted to participate in this community. Aside from culinary interests, I spend my spare time predominantly reading, exploring with calligraphy, knitting, and the aquarium hobby thrown in as well. I find the study of systems fascinating!

Why did you decide to become a part of the Whatcom Harvest Dinner?

I found myself intrigued by the description of the Harvest Dinner, especially considering the many groups involved with this event. Having been privileged to work with many of those groups through my employment at Boundary Bay Brewery, I wanted to further strengthen those ties, as well as explore the farms and communities involved with this event.

How do you think your skills will enhance the Whatcom Harvest Dinner?

Organization is being able to view all components and know how they function within the larger system. I approach most situations in this mindset, and it provides clarity and focus. I enjoy being able to envision every step along the way, and the ability to find cohesion. I have close to a decade of experience in the catering field, and can confidently imagine, plan, and execute events of this size and nature. I also feel that the community here in Bellingham has given me an appreciation for our unique region and inspiration to bring energy to the Harvest Dinner.

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What does local food mean to you?

Local food is more than just geographical closeness to the source. Awareness of the impact on the environment, as well as the community, on both the producer and consumer, contributes to the entirety of life and food. A sustainable system is a successful system, and local food is one of the mainstays of that system.